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No One Fights Alone Fundraiser

This Thanksgiving, we would like to thank the amazing community who have been supporting Skye's journey even after her transition to heaven.

The "No One Fights Alone" fundraiser was put together by Skye's good friends from middle school, Jett, Reid, and Nathan. It turned out so beautifully with so many people gathered in honor of Skye. We raised funds to help young warriors and their families; 2yo Nara(NUT Carcinoma fighter), 8yo Grady(NUT Carcinoma fighter), and 18yo Issac (Brain tumor fighter). Thank you for coming, donating, helping, and participating. We were able to send over $2000 to each of the family and it's all because of you!! We are truly grateful for your support. 

Skye, you still amaze me, you are forever my pride and joy and I am so happy to be your mommy.

Skye's 2nd Birthday in Heaven  ~Blood Drive event~

Skye’s 2nd year heavenly anniversary celebration was filled with laughter, hugs, and some tears. It was a beautiful celebration of her life with her friends and family. It also marked the end of our first Skyestrong blood drive. Thank you to all who donated blood and please remember to continue donating!! Hopefully, by next year, we will have our own blood drive running in honor of Skye.

To celebrate, we shared stories, made bracelets for other kids fighting cancer, and decorated pots to plant seeds that will grow as time passes. It was a beautiful time and we are so grateful for everyone who was able to attend and those who continue to support us.

Skye's 2nd BD in Heaven

Interview with Joe

Thank you for watching our FB live with Joe Schwartz! “Surviving NUT carcinoma “ I pray and hope that this inspired you and it encouraged someone who are fighting cancer or has family members that are fighting cancer. My own family is also still dealing with cancer (my dad is currently fighting cancer !) and talking to Joe gave me so much hope. Yes cancer is terrible and I hate it, but there’s hope! There’s miracles! (In Jesus name! )

To bring awareness to this terrible cancer called NUT carcinoma and find a cure was Skye’s passion. I hope I made her proud and I will continue to make her legacy alive.

Interview with Joe
Hi Skye Picture winners
Clouds in Sky

Hi Skye! Picture Winners!

We received so many lovely submissions from all over the world and it had been such a pleasure to see the impact Skye has made on people of all ages and nationalities.

It was so hard to decide but ultimately, we chose 5 pictures that we felt really captured the Skye Strong spirit. Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos! It was heartwarming to read your sweet messages and see the photos of the beautiful sky(e).


The winners are:

Linda Bengtson - Sendai, Japan               

Mia Alfandari (16) - Hawaii

Zerrin (18) @zerrin_akpinar - Turkey        

Leina Pimont (21) - California

Elizabeth Zaval (16) @liza.zaval - Los Angeles

The winners will be contacted soon and receive a Skyestrong beanie! 

Skye's First Heavenly Birthday!

We recently celebrated Skye's first heavenly birthday via zoom and live streamed on facebook and instagram. We recieved an overwhelming amount of support and love from old and new members of Skye's village. It was such a beautiful reminder of Skye's impact on the world. Highlights included speeches from Skye's friends and supporters, a video about what Skye means to people, and a recently discovered cover of Billie Eilish's "i love you." 

Interveiw with NPCF

Interveiw with Nagoya Pediatric Cancer Fund

The videos are all in Japanese (Sorry!) but Skye's mom had an interveiw with doctors from the Nagoya Pediatric Cancer Fund in Japan to talk about Skye's battle with NUT Carcinoma, the latest technology to detect rare cancers, and differences between the US and Japan on treatment for NUT Carcinoma

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