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Isaac Martinez


Isaac Martinez is a 18 y.o. strong fighter! He has already survived 2 battles with leukemia. Now he is preparing to fight a brain tumor caused by radiation from previous treatment.

Through the event on Nov. 6th 2022, Skyestrong Foundation was able to send his family $2200.


Noa 1.jpg

Noa was diagnosed with NUT carcinoma in 2020 April when she became freshman at her college. As she was searching for information of her rare cancer, she found SkyeStrong Foundation and reached to us. We kept contacting and supported her by sharing information, sending gifts to cheer her up, and also meeting her at her hospital. She fought through with smile and courage till the end and now she is in heaven with Skye. 


Adam-family (1).jpg

Adam was another teen diagnosed with NUT carcinoma diagnosed around the same time Skye was. Adam unfortunately passed away after an 18 month battle. So far, the Skyestrong Foundation has donated $400 to Adam's family.

​If you would like to donate directly to his family, Click here.

​Dana Farber

Cancer Institution 

dana farber.jpg

The Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute was instrumental to Skye's treatment, as it was where she recieved her clinical trial medication. They have continued to research NUT Carcinoma in hopes of finding a cure. With the help of direct donations as well as bracelet donations, Skye's village has helped raise  $20000 for Dana Farber NUT Carcinoma research in honor of Skye.

Grady Lundgren


Grady is 8 years old and fighting NUT carcinoma.

Through the event on Nov. 6th 2022, Skyestrong Foundation was able to send his family $2200.

 For more information about him, please check the link below.

Nora Brannon


Nora was diagnosed with NUT carcinoma in September 2022. One day, she suddenly had a seizure that lead to her being unresponsive. She was taken to Childrens hospital in Tennessee, her doctor removed a large mass on the side of her Brain, which later diagnosed NUT carcinoma. She has been fighting bravely ever since. 

Skyestrong Foundation has been supporting her and her family through this touch time.

If you would like to support her, please visit her Gofundme website. p-with-expenses-fighting-noras-cancer

Miranda Sings


Colleen Ballinger, also known Miranda Sings has been diligently raising awareness for childhood cancer  and has even featured Skye on her channel. Colleen has been so sweet and gone out of her way to meet with Skye a few times. The Skyestrong Foundation has donated $300 to Colleen's past childhood cancer awareness campaign for her birthday, 

​If you would like to see Colleen's videos featuring Skye's story, click below.


Skye's mom, Ami, had an interview with a doctor from Nagoya Pediatric Cancer Fund where she talked about Skye's story and heard about the latest technology in detecting rare cancer. SkyeStrong Foundation will continue to donate to them.

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