Our Mission
To raise awareness of NUT Carcinoma.

To carry on Skye’s legacy of hope and strength that has already inspired so many around the world.

To raise funds to help the children and families who are currently fighting NUT carcinoma and other rare cancers.


What is NUT Carcinoma?

Event Announcement!!!

Thank you so much for your participation to

Skye's 2nd birthday-in-heaven event!

It was a great success!

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In June of 2019, a few days after Skye had graduated middle school, she went to a graduation dinner with her family. She had been complaining of back pain for a few months so Skye was taken to the ER where an X-ray showed that she had a concerning abnormality in her lungs. She was transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles the following morning where she was diagnosed with NUT Carcinoma and began her 7 month battle with the rare and aggressive cancer. 

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NUT Carcinoma

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  • Fund research for a cure

  • Support families fighting NUT carcinoma or other rare childhood cancers 

  • ​Spread awareness of NUT Carcinoma and other rare childhood cancers

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